Plans for Legion

Blizzard’s World of Warcraft

One of my favorite hobbies is playing video games and recently I’ve been mostly involved in World of Warcraft. The reason is the game’s designer Blizzard is due to release it’s sixth expansion to the online game called Legion later next month. I have been playing the game since the games inception because I favored the RTS that the game is based upon and even though I have taken breaks through the years, it is one that I continue to enjoy playing with friends and family. The game has many several changes in past expansions and Legion brings many great new updates.

6 of 10 max level characters.

One of my flaws is not being able to play just one character and sticking to it. I began the game as a Paladin, a warrior of the light, using the healing specialization. Over the years thru the many expansions I have switched my main character to Rogue, Hunter and Shaman. This expansion is no exception as I have already begun plans to play a Druid using the balance specialization.

My guild Eternal Serenity is 13/13 in heroic Hellfire Citadel and I’ve been taken advantage of the fact that we’re still running this raid every weekend. This has allowed me to learn how to play, as well as effectively gear up, the newly redesigned ‘Boomkin’ to prepare for the events coming with the new expansion. The Druid is the only class that currently has four specializations to choose from: Guardian(tank), Feral(melee dps), Restoration(heals) and Balance(ranged dps). With a focus on weapons this expansion called Artifacts, I have chosen Druid for it’s variety of roles. Additionally, our guild requires ranged dps to round out the group we currently have and I may have trouble playing on occasion with my upcoming mission.

Tauren Druid

Druids are keepers of the world who walk the path of nature, following the wisdom of the Ancients and Cenarius, the patron entity of all druids. To druids, nature is a delicate balance of actions in which even the smallest imbalance can create storming turmoil from peaceful skies. Druids draw their power from this natural energy, using it to change their shapes and command the forces of nature. Traditionally druids chose the path of a specific animal totem (bear, cat, owlkin, etc). However, since the original invasion of the Burning Legion, most druids have changed traditions, including encouraging the study of magic from all totems. Druids who do this are known as druids of the wild. Some notable druids are Malfurion Stormrage, Remulos and Hamuul Runetotem.

So if you are also a fan of the game, or have been wanting to check it out you’ll find me playing a balance druid named Beamer. I’m not really into role playing, so I don’t have a fancy back story for the character, but he is an Alliance Night Elf  on the US server Malygos. Because he is balance, the artifact weapon he shall quest for is called the Scythe of Elune. This weapon will cause me to change my current play style (and talents most likely) because it adds a new spell that rotates between 3 phases of a moon (new, half, and full) which changes the spell. I look forward to questing through the new evolved lore of the game, and sharing my thoughts about the game here! More to come.

Beamer – Level 100 Balance Druid